Elda Perlino

Elda Perlino is actually Senior Scientist at the CNR Biomedical Technologies Institute (ITB) via Amendola 122/D, Bari, Italy.

Starting from 1983 during a 3 years stage at the EMBL (Heidelberg-Germany) in the Molecular Biology Laboratory directed by Prof. R. Cortese, she has been involved in studies concerning the molecular basis of human proliferative diseases by investigating the regulation of expression of growth and adhesion factors in normal and neoplastic cells.

Actually her research activity is focalized on the study concerning the molecular characterization of cell malignant transformation in an in vivo model system of human tissues with particular attention to the regulation of expression of tumour suppressor-like factors in hormonally regulated human carcinoma, such as thyroid, prostate, mammary and endometrial carcinoma.

Up to now she has published 46 scientific publications (ISI) and 10 books with international editorial board.

You can find more on her personal website HERE.

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